About Austin David Apartments

If you are looking for serviced apartments in London, short stay apartments or proper London luxury apartments, you’ll be spoilt for choice. That’s why Austin David Apartments was founded.

We have become one of London’s premier providers of short term serviced apartments because we understand what our guests are looking for, and have access to some of the most unique and sought-after properties in the city. We got our head start in trendy East London, but the demand for luxury London apartments has grown more than we had ever thought possible, and we have expanded our operations to offer London vacation rentals, London city apartments, London self-catering apartments and serviced apartments in all parts of the city, and beyond.

Our clients come to London for many different reasons, both business and leisure, and each has their own unique requirements. Likewise, every London apartment is different – some of our London short stay apartments are centrally located near London’s busy commercial and financial hubs, and perfect for business travellers. While some of our London serviced apartments are better suited to tourists and travellers who wish to absorb some of the city’s culture or nightlife while they are in London. The key is finding the perfect place for you.

Austin David Apartments specialises in providing you with all of the support you need, offering assistance of all kinds throughout your stay. We will answer any question, and help with anything you need. We even give you a free Oyster Card so you can easily travel on London’s award-winning 24/7 public transport network. Of course, you will have every amenity you need for your stay, including complimentary Wi-Fi internet and local recommendations. All you have to do is ask.

The Guardian Experience

Many London city apartments are left unoccupied for long periods. Of course, luxury London apartments do not come cheap, and a long-empty apartment invites intrusion and criminal activity. An unused London city apartment need not be a waste. It gives the owner an opportunity to earn an excellent income by having Austin David Apartments make the property available as a short-stay or holiday rental. We handle everything from advertising, finding (and vetting) renters, cleaning and resupply, even collecting the rent. The owner need only tell us when the apartment will be available, and collect their earnings.

Whether you are away for a holiday or on an extended work commitment, Austin David Apartments can make your London luxury apartment a hassle-free money maker for you!

What We Have to Offer

  • Serviced Apartments – Central London
  • Short Stay Apartments – London
  • Luxury Apartments – London
  • Self-Catering Apartments – London
  • City Apartments – London
  • Vacation Rentals – London 

Registered address

Austin David Apartments is a trading name of Austin David Ltd. UK company number 06071908

Austin David Ltd
Unit F10 Expressway Studios, 1 Dock Road, London, E16 1AH.
Phone: 020 3935 5953