Map of the Area

Introduction to
North London

Commonly people describe North London as anything north of the Thames, which is a wide description to say the least.  But it was the Boundary Commission who put this description into use.

It is perhaps best to look at North London from the viewpoint of sub-regions which goes with the London Plan of 2004 where St John’s Wood, Hampstead and Hendon are included.  North London is perhaps more traditional then the rest of the city in some ways with the two North London football clubs of Arsenal and Tottenham dominating the region.  In fact with these two clubs investing into the region through Stadium Expansions, it is seeing a knock on effect with restaurants and hotels all benefiting.

North London is also a gateway to some of the UK’s other cities with Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Leeds all accessible within just two hours with London Euston laying easily in wait in Camden.  Fact that you can travel easily to the UK other northern cities is a major advantage in North London.  London has grown rapidly even by her standards in the last few years but cities such as Manchester are still hot beds of technology and business.  Relocation of Media City demonstrates this.

Travel in and around of North London is also easy to maintain and do.  Access to all of London’s major network rails and buses are an easy throw for people in the area.  Possibility of doing business in North London is great with hubs and transport in each direction.